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Exploratory Essay Topics: A List Of Exciting Ideas

Exploratory essays are not like every other regular essay. While writing an exploratory essay, you as a writer are free to explore all manner of possibilities and explanation. Unlike most essays these are not written with any particular objective in mind. The main part of writing on one of these topics is research.

With ample research and homework you will be able to come up with enough materials. With enough facts and information you will be able to present all possible sides of the argument. You will have to equally highlight all perspective of the issue so that the entire context becomes clear to the reader.

Here are some exciting topics to base your explanatory essay upon:

  • Should gay marriages be legalized?
  • Being raised by a gay couple is same as being raised by normal conventional couples?
  • Teenage pregnancy.
  • How teenagers are dependent on social media.
  • Should kids be allowed to interact with strangers on social media?
  • How to improve mainstream cinema?
  • Do violent video games affect the behavior of players?
  • Is internet dating justifiable?
  • Is social networking making humans more lonely and alone?
  • Which is better? Living with your partner or staying single?
  • How does sex before marriage shape the relationship? Does it hurt or help the couple?
  • Should the elderly stay with their children or they should stay in old age homes with others of their age and constant medical supervision?
  • Should the government take care of every citizen’s health care policy?
  • What is the reason behind divorce or most breakups?
  • What is the right time to get married?
  • Is home schooling more effective?
  • How to stop obesity among young people?
  • Has feminism gone too far?
  • What is the government’s role in protecting its citizens? Is it effective?
  • How is running good for your body?
  • Is lifting weight and power training actually good in the long run?
  • How to find the right diet for your body?
  • How to manage time effectively?
  • Is the government responsible for the rising cost in health care?

The reason why you should write exploratory essays is because it helps to expand your perspective. You will be able to be a better judge of people and also understand how different two person can be. Although there is no ending of most exploratory essays you should be able to draw a conclusion after covering all important views.


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