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Recent Technological Breakthroughs In Journalism

A long time ago journalist only had one way to get their voice heard or their story read and that was through print newspapers. Since then we have come a long way and that is because in most part because of television and the Internet, today you can watch local news around three times a day and there are networks on now, like CNN, who broadcast news all day. And the Internet has made journalism easier because they can post in real time. The Internet has also made research easier because is just a few seconds you can find whatever facts you need for your story.

The Internet has been the biggest breakthrough that journalism has seen; the Internet coupled with other sites on the Internet has made journalism easier for the journalist and the person reading it. Most newspapers have a print copy of their newspaper and also an online version. This way they can reach a bigger audience and get to people that might have moved away from their hometown. The Internet has also made it simple for journalist to work from home or on assignment because then they can get their work into the newspaper, no matter where they are.

Another technology that has made journalism so much easier is social media. Now you can find out what you want to know seconds or minutes after it happen. The news is pretty good at doing this but social media has brought it to a new level. Why do you think so many news channels use Facebook photos of victims or criminals? It’s because you can find a person that quick on one of these sites. The growth of news websites is also one of the most recent technological breakthroughs that journalism has seen.

There are some great news sites out there online, CNN, Digg, all the local news stations, BBC, USA Today and so on. There are even site satire sites like The Onion, which put funny spins on current events. That is what journalist are taking advantage of today, the Internet and other forms of media to get the story out there. We have come a long way with our journalism, from newspaper, live news broadcast, to the Internet, which is a everything in one. There are even apps now where you can get your news on your phone. Journalism has evolved over the years and will keep advancing because of these kinds of technologies.


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