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How To Write An Essay About Freedom Of Expression: 10 Helpful Suggestions

Freedom of expression is a hot debate in most of the states and across countries. The actual definition states that every human and individual is free to think, speak, act, or behave on what he thinks best for himself. The law does not restrict any individual from forming an opinion or passing a comment to any other person, religion, community, law, country, political movement and social behaviors. This seems a fair deal and no one would have any objections to this if a few critical events did not occur. For instance, an artist in some part of the world draws a picture or creates an animation humiliating the religious representative of other groups. Angry mobs across the globe start protesting and react to this action. Even though the artist on his place had the right to say or express whatever he felt, the problem is that it was hurting the affiliations and devotion of other groups. People should themselves have a sense of how their words and actions will affect others and stay away from hitting matters of crucial importance.

If you are to write an essay on freedom of expression then you need to have a plan and follow the basic format and structure for your paper.

  1. Understand the subject
  2. You need to understand freedom and its importance for individuals and society. If you are not sure about the subject then you will never be able to create a winning paper

  3. Choose a valid topic
  4. Decide whether you want to talk about freedom of expression for an individual, society, country or a nation. Choose what aspect of the subject you want to talk about and try to make your topic interesting and catchy

  5. Start by conducting a research
  6. When you have the topic, you need to carry out research to find relevant data to support your stance

  7. Select the type of your essay
  8. Decide whether you want the assignment to be argumentative, persuasive, defensive, descriptive, explanatory, process, and analysis or comparison type

  9. Compose an outline
  10. Gather similar data into similar places to give an organization to your paper and create an effective outline

  11. Write your first draft
  12. Explain the points in the outline to write your first draft

  13. Create a winning introduction
  14. Write your body paragraphs
  15. Conclude your essay
  16. Edit and proof read

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