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What Is Mission By J.Andrew Kirk

The selection of certain words is important when used in a certain context. Many times the words mean the same thing when they’re used impulsively and depending on the region. Mission is used in this way and is also a kind of work that has different cultural meanings as well.

What’s interesting about this word is also that its cultural significance is both large and small, in that it fits in with subculture and has the same significant in other languages as well. Here we look at the different meanings of the word mission.

Another Way To Say Errand

When we think of the word mission, it basically means to run an errand. But a mission is more exact to what the errand is. If what the person is set out to do has some importance to it, it’s better to refer to it as a mission, which is a more formal approach to when referring to the action of setting out to do something.

The word also has as much significance in going as it does with leaving. Whether formal or not, it has the same meaning if used to replace an errand or a task as a word without straying away from that meaning.

For The Group

A more direct approach to this could be that the errand being run is on behalf of a group of people. It is in this case that the importance of what will be done is increased because it benefits more than one person, it applies to them all.

This is why in the context of the military, when a commander sends a person on a mission, it means a mission on behalf of everyone. For instance if it’s a delegate or to conduct business, then it represents the group as a whole and establishes a goal.

Religious Institution

In the Latin culture, mission refers to a place where zealotry is practiced and people are rehabilitated into the faith. People who are placed there to conduct a task or missionary service are housed there in the meantime. This is used in Western culture as well where when a group of people are on a mission, they’re part of a missionary service to convert others and house some where in the region where they conduct the task.


As a word with a broad meaning such as mission, the variety of ways it is used doesn’t stray too far away from what it means. The evolution of the word is pretty much the same from beginning to end and even when used as missionary, it still retains its meaning.


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