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Napoleon’s Invasion Of Russia

Napoleon’s invasion of Russia was a result of the French invading Russia during the early 1800s. When this occurred French forces were reduced in numbers as many lost their lives or were injured, leaving the French and their forces to fight at reduced strength. Many wondered why the event occurred as it turned out to be a failed attempt by the Napoleons to be in control of the campaign. There are some misconceptions as to why the Napoleons invasion attempt failed, but many feel it looks as if poor planning was to blame.

The French army invaded Russia in an attempt to take territory, but so many things went wrong many thought the French army troops were out of their league. They underestimated the number of Russian troops and their entire population. The weather was not in their favor either. It is believed lack of proper gear lead to a significant number of deaths. While Napoleon had an agenda to get his troops to Russia, many felt he bit off more than he could chew while making numerous mistakes along the way.

The leader of the French troops didn’t plan his invasion very well. He soon learned the amount of territory his troops were fighting was too large and there were not enough troops to cover ground operations. This element led to lack of proper control. Another issue that was part of the problem was the leader waited too long to invade. Many wonder why he waited so long if he had intentions of taking over the territory and doing things his way. Others joke about the situation and think he should have used the extra time he had to plan his invasion better, but would he have prevailed or still failed?

There are different reasons behind Napoleon’s failed attempt that continue to be analyzed. It is believed he took the wrong route or decided at the last minute to change it. He stayed too long in Moscow which allowed Russian troops to rally. Many people felt Napoleon was a wise leader and considered intelligent, but wonder what happened when he failed? Was it his fault he didn’t plan ahead or was he caught up in the moment of thinking he knew how to handle things. This invasion is one a very view that is a part of history that seems to have everything wrong before the attempt even started.


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