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The King’s Speech

The King’s Speech is a narration of a man who was forced to speak to the entire world with a stammer. It must be very painful enough for the stammering person to speak concerning another person. Facing a radio microphone and knowing that the British Empire is tracking your speech should be a very terrifying moment. During the mentioning of the speech, a good number of the population of the earth was in the British Empire and without saying, much of Africa, Europe, Asia and North America would also be waiting to hear the speech and mostly with particular attention, Germany.

Well, the King was George VI back in 1939 when Britain was going into war with Germany. The listener’s needed clarity, firmness and resolve and not stammers characterized with tortured silences. It was about a person who did not want to be king. Following the death of his paternal father, the throne was supposed to be handed over to Edward but he renounced it for the reason of marrying the woman he loved. Now the task fell to one Prince Albert who had problems with his speech since he was young.

Therefore, “The King’s Speech” as directed by Tom Hooper starts with Colin Firth as Albert making an attempt to open the exhibition of the British Empire in 1925. Before an arena packed with people, he rose up in agony in endeavors to make words flow smoothly out of him. George V who was his father always considered “Bertie” bigger than Edward but continued to mourn the introduction of newsreels and radio that required monarchs to be heard and seen on public functions. Bertie’s wife becomes sympathetic with the situation during the speech. With time, Edwards gets obsessed with Wallis Simpson and the situation becomes incurable for him. Bertie’s wife then realizes that her husband could face a lot of humiliation from the public. Consultations are made from various speech therapists in vain before finally seeing a failed Australian actor in the name of Lionel Logue who has put in place a therapy practice for a speech.

The King’s Speech is a comical yet serious film revolving around real events of a psychological struggle. The king gets a lot of love, tact and mercy from her wife where the latter ended up being the most adored Queen mother of this age having died at the age of 101 in the year 2002. In the end, it turns out to be a huge historical drama and a very powerful personal one where two opposites end up being friends for their entire lives.


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