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Helpful Tips On Composing An Expository Essay On Global Warming

The purpose of an expository essay is to “expose” or explain a topic by making an argument on it based completely on facts. So, for the case of an expository essay on global warming, you could argue that Global Warming exists and then go on to explain why that is true by using information from research. Your job is to investigate the topic (Global Warming) and explain your argument with reliable evidence, this case, why Global Warming exists. Here are some helpful tips to get you going.

Make an outline

By making an outline, you will be able to put your thoughts together in an organized manner. The outline should serve as a guide for the construction of the paper. It will help you figure out what to write and where it should be written. A successful outline is able to help you answer the who, what, when, where, and why of the piece. So for this paper’s outline, you should be able to say what global warming is, why is it important to you and why should it be important to the reader. It should also answer where global warming applies to, when it happened/happens, and who, such as:

  • Who is the cause of it?
  • Who can help stop it?
  • Who found out about it?

Use only reliable and credible sources

You need to be 100% factual with your reasoning and proof of the topic. The means that you should only be doing your research from websites that are reliable and accurate. My good idea is only to look at a site that end in .gov or .edu. Stay away from blogs, and websites that can be altered by anyone. This way you seem more reliable yourself, and the reader is more inclined to believe what you are saying and more likely to follow your argument.

Research the topic very extensively

To prove a point successfully, you need to be educated on the subject entirely. You should be able to combat any counterargument that could rip your argument apart. You should be well-verse on both sides to establish credibility in yourself. The reader will ask themselves what make you qualified to be telling them how to think or feel. Your research needs to educate yourself so that you can educate the reader of this piece.

Aside from the tips above, extra help with constructing your essay can be found on the web by visiting this website . Hopefully this was helpful to you and in finishing your assignment,


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