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Writing Guide: Three Types Of Essays

essay prompts It is important for students to know that there is more than one type of essay. In High School, College, and University you may be asked to write a specific type of essay for your writing assignment project and it is good to understand the different qualities of the different types of essays so that you know what you will be graded on. Below we have included a guide of the four types of essays that students are typically asked to write. If you are going to order essay online, learn some of their features.

The Expository Essay

An expository essay is meant to be the writer’s explanation of idea in order to demonstrate their understanding of an idea, issue or concept. When a student is asked to compose this kind of essay the key quality is that the essay explains an idea so that the reader is enlightened. Normally, expository essays will also be accompanied by a presentation element.

This type of essay can be written from the author’s perspective. One of the main reasons why students are expected to compose an expository essay is to show off their critical thinking skills and share what they have learnt about a topic of study.

Qualities of An Expository Essay

  • It should have a well-written thesis that is included in the introduction paragraph. If a question has been assigned to be answered this should be addressed in the first paragraph as well.
  • The supporting paragraphs should include supporting evidence and examples that defend the thesis. These should be focused and on-topic.
  • This type of essay should express some sort of perspective and make a point. The concluding remarks should reflect back to the thesis and show that the author has as considered the subject matter carefully.

The Persuasive Essay

behavior essay tipsA persuasive essay is a unique type of essay where the author attempts to convince the reader to adopt their perspective on a specific issue or theme. In a persuasive essay the author presents arguments and logic so that the reader will be able to understand an issue and ideally adopt the same point of view.

Qualities of A Persuasive Essay

  • An essay of this nature should introduce a very definitive point of view and perspective. The author’s opinion on the subject matter should be stated in the thesis and is clearly understood by the reader.
  • A persuasive essay should be convincing and keep the readers attention. The author should demonstrate enthusiasm for the topic and encourage the reader to also take interest.
  • Persuasive essays should introduce argument points in the supporting paragraphs that can be backed up by sound solid evidence. Their arguments should be defended by actual facts and examples not just the author’s thoughts and beliefs.
  • The conclusion to a persuasive essay may include some sort of “call to action” of the reader, asking them to also support the idea that has been presented.

The Analytical Essay

essay typesAn analytical essay is a researched based essay where the author examines various research materials in order to compose a thesis. Then, using examples from the resource material being analyzed they defend this thesis using supporting paragraphs.

Qualities of An Analytical Essay

  • The introduction should present the thesis and introduce the resource material being analyzed. Examples of resource material may very some examples are: books, poems, experiments, films, or academic articles.
  • The thesis should clearly state an opinion on the material and then defend it using examples that come directly from the source be analyzed.
  • The concluding remarks of an analytical essay should explain the relationship between the materials being analyzed and the thesis that was introduced in the first paragraph.


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